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1 June, 2018



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Tough Growth is a mindless 2D game about becoming the biggest shape among shapes, where every other shapes has only one desire: to shoot you to smithereens, dodge them like a ninja and get to destroy them god-like at the end. Also a game that's so simple that even computer illiterate people can play it.


It all started as an attempt to make something like XGen Studio's fishy with a twist. The first attempt was a 3D game where you had to dodge the bigger cubes and eat the smaller ones and can still be played here https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/690879. After many failed prototypes, a disbanded team and brokens hearts in early september 2017 Tough Growth was finally born. By sheer luck Sabo met the Irish musician Ciaran online. Not knowing what to expect Sabo was caught by surprise when Ciaran added some dazzling music and soundeffects to the game. On 3 december Tough Growth reached front page and Sabo became determined to make a full release of Tough Growth, to be released this June.


  • Intuitive controls so simple even your grandma can play it.
  • Feed and grow combined with bullet hellstorm.
  • Dazzling arcade style music.
  • Fancy glowing shaders and particle explosions.


Gameplay footage YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "2nd place in Kongregate's monthly game dev competition." Kongregate, June, 2018

Selected Articles

  • "I have played through this game several times now. It is strangely calming to me. I find that I sleep better if I play through the game before I turn in for the night. "
    - sirwoofy, Kongregate
  • " One of the most unique "bullet hell" games I've played. It relies a bit too much on luck because of the random position of squares, but overall very cool. "
    - ClayMeow, Kongregate

Play Tough Growth here
Link to game kongregate.com.

Sound & Music
Link to musician's website cdraudio.co.uk.

Our progress featherhatgames.com.

About Feather Hat Games

Feather Hat Games is a Dutch independent game studio made up of Jaswir previously known under the pseudoname Sabo, making featherweight games with a touch of innovation.

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Tough Growth Credits

Business & Game Design & Development, FeatherHatGames

Ciaran Devlin Rushe
Sound, Freelancer

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