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14 June, 2019



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One of the few puzzle games where you need to think inside the box.


Ahoy! It was summer 2018. Sabo had been making 1 game a week for a couple months now, he realized he wasn't getting farther anymore so he asked his friends from Game Dev Daily for Game Design advice. One of the members, Jeroen Wimmers, mentioned that his games had space for improvement in the area of elegance. With that Sabo started looking into the Art of Game Design, Lens #43: The Lens of Elegance. Initially starting of as a study project Sabo started with a sword fighting platformer where you slice bats in 2 and then use their remains to jump over gaps. The game slowly got more focussed and progressed into a game that revolved solely around solving puzzles with a crate. After uploading an earlier prototype of the crate game on newgrounds and getting featured, Sabo decided to make a fully fledged game of this study project and turned it into A Pirate and his Crates. With this study project Sabo intended to get better at game design as well as getting experience making a good puzzle game. Rewards for completing this game include: Sabo will be allowed to use his real name for game dev and develop games in a team.


  • Elegant crates.
  • Catchy chip tune music.
  • Speedrunning.
  • Did I mention elegant crates already?


Trailer (2019) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "4th place in Kongregate's monthly game dev competition." Kongregate, June, 2019

Selected Articles

  • "I don't know why being inside the crate makes me move faster but i'm not complaining. "
    - battleblastr1472, Kongregate
  • " I honestly was not expecting a lot from this game. But, the physics of crate travel are damn effective and amusing, and even the water flow effect on it was well done. This could use more levels, very fun. "
    - JoeKherr, Kongregate

Play A Pirate and his Crates here
Link to game kongregate.com.

UltimoGames Newgrounds Page: https://ultimogames.newgrounds.com/ .

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Link to SFX maker: https://www.bfxr.net/ .

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About Feather Hat Games

Feather Hat Games is a Dutch independent game studio made up of Jaswir previously known under the pseudoname Sabo, making featherweight games with a touch of innovation.

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A Pirate and his Crates Credits

Salesman & Game Designer & Developer, FeatherHatGames

Timo Visser
Artist, UltimoGames

Musician, Song “The Pirate and the Dancer” under a CC BY 4.0 attribution licence

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks