Hellow my dooves,

Last time I left us hanging at a cliff whether I would end up working at the government or get some more time working full time as an indie game dev.
The deal with my mom was to make €1000 by 18 July 2018 from my video games, otherwise I have to go and find a real job on the side. https://featherhatgames.com/5-the-deal-with-my-mom/

At the time I wrote the previous blog there were only 10 days left till the deadline and it didn’t seem like we would reach the goal. The highest monthly rated games on Kongregate can win a cash prize. In order for us to make €1000 we would need to earn at least 2nd place.
Looking at the highest rated monthly games category Tough Growth landed somewhere between 6th and 10th, not even close to 2nd!
I had already started considering taking a side job. Tried looking at it from the bright side.
I could practice my adult act…
try out some new skills I picked up while being a full time indie for 5 months…
But then, a couple days before the deadline, the results from Kongregate’s Monthly Development Contest came in and Tough Growth reached 2nd place!
I was shocked, how could it be 2nd although it seemed between 6th and 10th?
That’s when I clicked on Tough Growth to check it’s rating and I noticed it was significantly higher than before! And I also noticed another game’s rating had become way lower.
So I mailed Kongregate and asked them, hey Kong what’s going on here?
And I found out there has been a rating fraud going on. Hackers are trying to get their games a better rating to win cash prizes. Thank God, Kong was on to this and countered the rating fraud with a correction.
After rating fraud removal the ratings changed and Tough Growth reached 2nd place.
Mission accomplished! 3 Months extra earned.

Getting a bit philosophical
Lately a fellow game developer read my blog where I mentioned the goal of making 1000 bucks.
And he asked me: “So Sabo, what’s next?”.
But somehow this question really annoyed me. So I dodged his question and pointed him to my next blog post. But being the pesky fool he is, just like me, he kept asking!
And while it is a really normal question it kept bothering me.
Somehow it made me feel really annoyed, uncomfortable, don’t know the word. Let’s go for bothered. That’s when I knew there was more to this question for me. It hit me personally.
I thought so will I become the how much money is your next goal person now? It felt wrong.

You see if I wanted to be rich I would have become a banker.
You think I am joking? No seriously, there was actually a time where I had planned it all out.
I would become a banker and have lots of money. I would buy a big house a bugatti veyron and a beautiful women of course. And the first step was to choose my study path in high school. That’s what I did, I chose a path in economics, which would get me right into the banker’s office.

After a couple months in however, I noticed that I hated everything about economics and accounting. And I thought to myself, so will I have to do work that I hate for the rest of my life in order to make lots of money? And the more I thought about having more money the more I felt trapped in “the rat race”. Working at a job you hate to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. It is never enough, always getting a bigger car, house, more beautiful women.  And I hated the thought of being a part of that. A constant chase for some materialistic need to feel good about yourself. I just want to be myself.

That’s when I decided to do work that I love and I decided I would make video games.
Many years of sitting in a Aristotle like position and pondering on the meaning of life later I actually started taking action and began making Indie Games on Newgrounds.
Now having far exceeded my expectations, thanks to God’s grace. I actually managed to make money with Tough Growth.

But now once again I start feeling trapped into the race again. Chasing more and more money.
Now is a good time to get clear for myself which direction I want to go. And I want to go back to do what you love and the money will follow. Don’t get me wrong money is necessary, but it shouldn’t be the goal. If I can’t live from my passion I will just get a side job till I can make a living from it.  But till 18 October I can still be a full time indie if I want to, otherwise I can take a side job before then.

Goals for next month:
* Become a better game designer
So far I have mostly made action games. In order to become a better game designer I want challenge myself to make something completely different: a puzzle game!
So for the past month I have been trying to get better at making puzzle games till I make a really good one like tough growth for the action genre.
Have been working on these:

* Become better at doing business
In the “4 hour work week”  the author talks about breaking common believes. A part of this is breaking outside of your comfort zone. The author gives some challenges for this. In one of his challenges he mentions going to a farmers market / auction and practice your price negotiation skills. I think this will be a lot of fun.
I used to watch auction kings at discovery channel and it looked like a lot of fun, so I am excited to check something like this out myself.
Still want to get a non-exclusive licenship sold for Tough Growth.