Hello my doves,

As you may have noticed the website has changed. That’s because Tough Growth has finished and it is now time to move on to bigger things :D. This blog will no longer only be about Tough Growth, it will now cover our adventures trying to become the best indie game developer.
Without further ado let’s continue,

Last blog we talked about how we finished Tough Growth and uploaded it to Kongregate and would now take a break from making anything big and instead just play around with some ideas.
In this blog we’ll talk about what happened next, game prototypes I fiddled with last month and at the end a sneak peak of a future bigger game that I want to make.

Tough growth
I had uploaded Tough Growth to Kongregate and started fiddling with a new idea.
I had completely forgotten about Tough Growth altogether and didn’t expect anything at all after last failure. After a week I was curious whether perhaps at least 1 person would have commented and I checked the website. I was shocked! Tough Growth had over 1K plays and a rating of 4 stars! And there were loads of comments!

Soon the rating became 4.1* and for a while we were on the number 1 spot of top monthly games.  This would mean a winning prize of 1750$!
I was so happy I couldn’t believe my eyes. Perhaps it would after all be possible to make a living from this and I am in fact able to become the best indie game developer!
As the days passed on (un)fortunately other good games entered the website and Tough Growth started declining. At this point I am not sure what spot Tough Growth is going to get in the contest, but I am sure we will atleast get a second runner up (6th – 10th place) prize of $400. Kongregate also mentions an estimated ad revenue amount of about $80,- so that’s $480  Now we are talking about money this takes me back to a crucial moment where I made a deal with my mom.

Deal with mom
It was almost 5 months ago when I woke up and decided I had enough. If I wanted to make it in the indie game industry I had to take the leap and follow my heart. I went full idiot mode and quit my job, my security and begged my mother to give me 5 months to prove myself. For some reason my mom had faith in me and would let me mooche off her for 5 months. With no time to spare the full development of Tough Growth had begun. Shortly after Feather Hat Games was founded in 2018.
This month we finally set a deadline. If I haven’t made €1000,- (around $1200) by 18 July 2018 from my video games I have to go and find a REAL, oh boy my tongue feels dirty just typing this, job. We were not anywhere near $1200 dollars yet, so I tried to find other ways to potentially make some money with Tough Growth

Find extra money

I remembered the sponsorship deal with Armor Games that I didn’t take.
A non-exclusive licenship: which meant I had to add some branding for Armor Games to Tough Growth and get 200$,- In return Armor Games gets permission to put Tough Growth on their website. But, that’s where the non-exclusive comes in, I am still allowed to put it on other websites.
So here I was trying to find other websites who might be interested in a non-exclusive licenship. And as I was asking other developers and googling around I found a list of potential sponsors here :https://www.truevalhalla.com/blog/list-of-html5-game-publishers-sponsors

So I contacted some of the more reliable of these, but so far I haven’t gotten a reply email back.
The way it stands now, there are only 8 days left and we’re at  an estimated 480/1200 dollar.
It seems like I’ll end up working at the government X [].

One-game-a-week fiddles:




Dangly Dangly Pickpocket






So far I have only made action games. Even when trying to make a puzzle game so far they always end up being action games. For my next game I am gonna make a puzzle game for mobile. (PS: it will also be for web)


— Sabo