It must have been around April when opened up my mailbox and notice an email from Armor Games. Could this be about the Tough Growth Demo I had posted recently on Newgrounds?
I opened it up… yes! Armor Games was interested in putting the Tough Growth Demo on their website and would soon reply with an offer.
Expecting to get big bucks for the Tough Growth Demo I checked my mail a couple days later to find two offers.
1. 200$,-, can put the game on other sites just have to put some of their logos and their opening animation in it.

2. Can put the game on the website without any of their promo, but was not allowed to use ads in my game. I loved how they called it : “Add free viral version.”

I thought: “What do I have to implement their API for 200$ !??
So I tried to negotiate for a better price, but no luck unfortunately.
I was like what my baby is only worth 200$ to them?? Although my pride wanted me to stop the deal altogether I chose to go with the Add free viral version.

Now this decision to swallow my pride and be humble would later turn out to be one of the best decisions I could have possible made.

As the month of April passed and I had just lost the Kong competition for best game of the month and got offered a measly 200$ for my baby I got so frustrated I decided I would use it to make tough growth as good as possible!
So I spend all of April to make a draft of the full version of tough growth. Finally at the start of May I had prototyped 50 levels. Now it was time to balance the difficulty and finetune. But for that just playtesting my mom wouldn’t be enough so it was time to go outside my comfort zone and find a bigger pool of testers.
I send messages to family, friends and mailing list subscribers to test tough growth. But unfortunately there were very few who actually did it. Many of them said they will do it later and then I asked them again later to check up, but eventually they would never do it and were just being nice.
Although with little feedback I could make some small tweaks to the game. We were already at the half of May now and had only 2 more weeks left before the game would be released. And with this little feedback the situation started to look gloomy.
That’s when the Armor Games community came to the rescue! Tough Growth had just gotten live and people loved it! In just a couple days we got loads of reviews. This was what I needed!

With enough material to work with I took out the most important issues and started fine tuning.
After many iterations the final version of tough growth was made with music and all and uploaded on Kong. We made the 1 June deadline!

So I guess that means we finished our first and game and have something to prove our passion is not just talk, but tough growth. As for the future I have been thinking about a new way of making games. As matter of fact a new game maker lifestyle you could call it.
A friend of mine likes to call it project: one-game-a-week. As for the blog, I am thinking about turning this blog into a blog for my entire game dev journey and not just this game. A way to share a bit more with those who are truly interested.
But what about tough growth? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a death counter / timer as a way of highscores…