Sabooo was sitting around a table thinking to himself: “What would  be a good first bossfight.” The first thought that popped in his mind: “Animals are cool let’s do something with animals, we will have various bosses and each boss will be an animal and the animals will get progressively bigger and finally at the final boss there will be a Dinosaur!!!” Yeah Dinosaurs are cool, alright let’s do this! Oh wait, we are at the first boss, so we need a smaller animal first, hmmm…
THAT’S it a fish now let’s see what’s next…
Right… give it an awesome name. This boss will be named Kingfish!
And then came the testing phase…

Sabooo went to our first and foremost tester: his mother.  He looked at her full with anticipation. She played it for 15 seconds and said:: “This is really bad make something different.” And when Sabooo’s mom thinks something is bad, oh boy believe us, it is REALLY bad. To make a long story short a fish popping out of nowhere as an end boss didn’t fit the game at all. Never in the game was there anything related to an animal and now suddenly a fish?? And that’s when we forget about the gameplay.
Exclusive link to Kingfish here:

That’s when Sabooo started thinking about the good old bossfights. Which to him meant Super Mario 64. In Super Mario 64, you had a level with only bombs and as a final boss it had a big bomb. Other levels had this too. Small ice sphere, big ice sphere boss. Small ghost, big ghost boss.


That’s when Sabooo thought about the second boss prototype Hexaboss!

A gigantic hexagon with a face that comes to shoot you to smithereens with a surrounding rain of bulletfire.

Still something was missing here. There was now fun gameplay according to Sabooo’s mother, so we were on the right track, however… There was no eating smaller blocks to grow bigger involved, while the entire game was about that. This was a big issue and Sabooo had no clue how to solve this. So Sabooo sent messages to some friends to playtest his game and one dear friend and fellow game developer Joris Roelofs in particular did not respond for days. And this was very unusual for him. To his surprise a couple days later Joris came with a great idea to solve the problems. He had been overanalyzing a way to solve this issue and even made some wonderful sketches.

Are you curious about the final gameplay? Stay tuned, demo coming out end of March!