I was a little man not much older than 7 years old. Another boring school day had finally ended. My mom picked me up and we went home. As soon as the front door opened I ran to my computer excited to see what the wonderful world of internet had to offer.

I discovered a new game called: ‘fishy’. It was a 2D game where you played as a little fish. You could move around, eat the smaller fish and grow bigger. But you had to watch out for the big fish, because when they ate you, you would have to start all over. After many hours of struggling I was finally able to become ‘the biggest fish’. That felt so good, I really liked that game.

Fourteen years later I found myself thinking about the game that I played on that day 14 years ago. What if I would make a prototype where you had to eat things and become bigger to win, but different. I made a prototype, heck I made more than 1. All of them failed, but every single time I learned something, something valuable that would eventually lead to the birth of the first Tough Growth prototype. Flash forward the development process to today: Tough Growth got frontpaged on Newgrounds and is going towards its final release.

Next time you think about the good old games you used to play. Take a moment and consider how this game has influenced your world. Thank you XGen Studios for making Fishy: http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/fishyclassic